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SNEAK PREVIEW: Hawk Mountain Coffee Table Book

Cover mockup v2 20071013 067    We are finally getting close to publication of Hawk Mountain, the long-awaited coffee table book that photographer Kevin Watson and I did for the 75th-anniversary celebration of this spectacular Pennsylvania sanctuary dedicated to saving birds of prey.
   Kevin and I will be doing our first presentation on the book at Hawk Mountain's big 75th-anniversary event on Saturday, Sept. 12, at Hawk Mountain.
   A preview of the book in now online here at The book should arrive in late August.

Help the Fell House!

   IMG_5642Allendale's Fell House, that stately white mansion just down the street from the Celery Farm parking lot on Franklin turnpike, was recently named one of the state's 10 Most Threatened Historic Sites.

  To celebrate this new honor -- and help raise awareness and more money to save this treasure, the Concerned Citizens of Allendale is having a fund-raiser at the Allendale Bar and Grill on Monday [July 27] from 5 p.m. to closing.
   Buy dinner, a snack, a beer,a glass of wine, and part of the proceeds will go to the Concerned Citizens of Allendale, a non-profit grassroots group. 

  Find out more about why the house is so valuable historically and why the property is so valuable environmentally. 

  Learn more about the amazing John Fell, Allendale's Revolutionary War hero.

  Or just relax and chat about nature, summer and  whatever else you'd like.

Rob Fanning Reports...


This from Rob Fanning, Thursday -- sorry for late post but have been out of pocket:
Rob fanning    Saw my first fall migrant warbler at the CF this morning. A NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was which loudly chipping in the "dead zone", and flew to a high perch for some decent looks. This sets a new fall arrival date for CF by 2 days (prev. 7/26)
   Even more exciting was an Im. YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO quietly foraging near the Warden's Watch. The tail pattern looked like a BB, but it already had the yellow lower mandible as well as a bit of Rufous in the wings. This establishes the latest CF record that I know of-- I had never seen one at CF after the month of June. Hopefully it's a sign that they successfully nested at the CF this year.
   A few BG GNATCATCHERS were also likely early migrants, as well as a BANK SWALLOW--let the Fall migration begin!...