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Mink at the Celery Farm!?

Birder David Blinder just posted the following on Jersey Birds:

   "At 12:05, near marker #11, I was observing a muskrat at close proximity and made a few "chip" notes to see how it would respond.  One minute later, 4 brown rodents came into the small channel opposite the observation tower.  At first glance I had dismissed them as just more muskrats, didn't imagine any beaver in the pond or any other aquatic rodent. 
   "The animals were in the clearing in the channel long enough to realize they were long, skinny, and had furred tails.  I've never seen a MINK up close before, but my binocular views mirrored mink photos exactly.  Pretty exciting!

  "Unfortunately this was a rare time I wasn't carrying a camera.  It was still raining, and I only went to the CF because I had obligations in the area today."