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Cardinal Flower!


   Fred Weber spied this beautiful native plant on the way to the Warden's Watch.
   It's a Cardinal Flower, great for hummingbirds -- like the one that frequents my window feeder all day.
  More on Cardinal Flowers here.

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The Celery Farm: The Poem

   Dave Payne of Franklin Lakes sent along this neat poem about the Celery Farm. He describes it as "random thoughts on our many happy trips to the Celery Farm."
   I am posting the first verse here -- click "Continue reading..." below for the entire poem.

Landscape may
The Celery Farm

By Dave Payne

In Allendale, The Celery Farm is such a wondrous jewel.
Stiles Thomas told mayor FitzPatrick: “To build here would be cruel.
We’ll raise the funds and buy it, keep a natural preserve.
I think the people need it, and the wildlife deserve.”

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Where the bats are...

   I did another bat count at a nearby house recently, and came up once again with no bats.

   I also checked (from afar) the openings in the vacant Fell House barn across the street. Nada.

  If you know of a bat roost in Allendale or adjacent town, please let me know and I will do a survey (time willing)....