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July 11: Help save an upper Hackensack River marsh


Lori Charkey of Bergen Save the Watershed Network (SWAN) writes:
Attention River Enthusiasts…

     In fall 2005, a group of scientists, historians, and environmental activists  paddled the length of the Hackensack River from its source in New City, NY south to where it empties into Newark Bay.  Mark Becker, Ray Cywinski (UWNJ) and I were lucky to be amongst this group of adventurers.

     Along the way, many of us were spellbound by the magic of this waterway, especially when we traversed a large marsh off of Lake Tappan known locally as the ’40 Foot Hole.”  Not familiar with this nickname, we dubbed it “The Spatterdock Marsh” after one of the prevailing types of floating, native vegetation.

   Unfortunately, this tranquil spot has become home to a common invasive aquatic species – the water chestnut, Trapa natans (unrelated to the edible Chinese kind).  Of little value to wildlife, this invader forms dense, floating mats that choke off light and oxygen, and crowd out native plants.

      On July 11, if you would like to help us to avoid an infestation of water chestnut in our watershed while getting out on a beautiful stretch of the Hackensack, please contact Bergen SWAN or United Water New Jersey at your soonest convenience! 

     Participation is limited to the first 25 people who register.  Download Water Chestnut Removal for further details!

Thank you,Lori Charkey