Monday Morning Mystery 060109

The Rob Fanning Report 053009


       Rob fanning                                      A decent push of late migrants arrived at the CF overnight--highlighted by a singing MOURNING WARBLER.
    It was in the area of the big Willow (along the main path but on the BH Pond side) It was singing occasionally.
    I first saw it just after 8AM, and I saw it again (not singing) at 10:40AM. This is the same spot where a Mourning lingered last year for about 4 days.

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 7 warblers total, with migrants being 1 CANADA, 1 N. WATERTHRUSH, a heard only Blackpoll, and a minimum of 6 singing REDSTARTS! I only saw one of them--an adult male. A Magnolia Warbler was also reported.
     Most interesting was a PINE SISKIN along warbler alley--which appeared to show some yellow coloration to the bill--indicating a juvenile! It sounded like more than 1 birds was present but I only saw the one. It was fairly high and lighting was not good--but in any case a Siskin this late is a good indicator of local breeding--which has already been documented in NJ this year in several locations.
 The male RB GROSBEAK made an appearance on one of the snags on the big willow. The pair of RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS was circling and calling over Green way and BH Pond, and I was quite surprised to also see a Broad-winged Hawk and a glimpse of a Sharpie being chased.
       And for those Swan aficionados out there--4 tiny and fuzzy cygnets were following mom and dad around the lake. I also saw my first WOOD DUCK ducklings of the year.