Lovesick House Wren
Garlic Mustard Brigade on Sunday

Seymour Sez: Attention, Celery Farm Residents and Visitors!!

Seymour logo     You heard it here first:  Starting this Sunday, May 17, the humans plan to begin their weekly Hour on the Tower an hour earlier.

    In other words, the cult of the glassy-eyed binocular worshipers will arrive at 7 a.m. instead of the usual 8 a.m.

   Needless to say, all birds should adjust their schedules to avoid detection.

     The names of all avian species ignoring this caveat each Sunday will be posted on this blog later that week.

   Take it from me, Seymour Drakes Esq., these humans think nothing of naming names.

  Your fine feathered friend,
  Seymour Drakes