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The Rob Fanning Report 052509

Rob fanning   Rob sez:

   At 8:07 this morning from the Scout Platform I saw a LEAST BITTERN in flight and dropping into the marsh. 5 species of Herons for the day.

   Very quiet for migrants except for a singing adult male REDSTART and a heard only N. WATERTHRUSH. A singing male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK is likely on territory--and was singing at times from the top of a dead snag.

   A lovely morning to be out at the farm.

Glossy Ibis at CF

Glossy ibisjpg
  Mary Lane spotted this Glossy Ibis from the Pirie Platform this morning around 8:30. It was gaining altitude, alas...  Oddly, a falcon was flying nearby... Will post more pix later.  Way to go, Mary!

Seymour Sez: Thanks, Mike Limatola & Crew

As a long-time resident of the Celery Farm, I'd like to thank Mike LimatolSeymour logoa and his band of volunteers for keeping the place looking so spiffy, and for marking and roping off areas where some humans like to stray in hopes of finding a spot to chill or to get a better photo or a better view of me or one of my buds.

   Why do people insist on wandering off the trails?  Talk about your invasive species!

    Wayward humans may be fine with the ticks, always looking for new hosts, but the Celery Farm is supposed to a natural area, where we nesting birds and other wildlife are supposed to catch a break.

    The whole entire region used to be one big natural area, back in the day, and we had plenty of room to roam.  Now only 107 acres of "natural area" remain.

    Thanks, Mike and crew, for trying to keep thoughtless humans from tromping all over the little habitat we have left.

    Your friend and mine,
    Seymour Drakes