Monday Morning Mystery 042009
Answer to yesterday's Monday Morning Mystery

The Rob Fanning Report

    Rob saw an American Bittern Saturday evening and and again on Sunday at the CF.
   Click immediately below for his full report.

        Saturday evening after much scanning I finally located an AMERICAN BITTERN. Saw it across from Pirie Platform all the way back in the marsh. It was a tough find even w/ the scope, and was mostly still throughout the 15 or so minutes I watched it.
         Today along Black Rail trail I heard a loud rusting in the marsh. I was expecting some sort of mammal--but then the BITTERN flushed up and circled providing a very close flight look.
 With the poor weather migration is a bit behind schedule, but yesteday during the NJAS trip I led we witnessed a modest raptor flight, which included 8+ BROAD-WINGS, 2 KESTREL, 2 HARRIER, 2 SHARPIE, OSPREY, and BLACK VULTURE.
     Also tallied 71+ DC CORMORANTS flying over--the largest flock contained 32+ birds in a V-formation. A few BG GNATCATCHERS and a HERMIT THRUSH were enjoyed by the group.
     Sunday's highlight's included several PURPLE FINCH, a RUSTY BLACKBIRD, GNATCATCHER, KESTREL a pair of PINE WARBLERS, 8+ RC KINGLETS, WILSON'S SNIPE, and a FIELD SPARROW. Yellow-rumps are still in very low #'s. PINE SISKINS are still around including 2+ at my feeders as of Sunday.