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Monday Morning Mystery 042709

 young garlic mustard
   This invasive plant isn't really a mystery, but how to rid the Celery Farm of it is a bit of a mystery...

   We think we have the answer, and we are going to begin to take a crack at it on Saturday, May 2, at 2 p.m.

   Meet at Green Way. Bring gardening gloves. We'll supply the garbage bags...  and we'll supply the answer to the mystery...



Bird Nest Enemy No. 1?

   This guy could be the least popular bird around, because of its parasitic behavior, but you have to give it credit for being wily. Because it leaves its eggs in other birds'  nests, the Brown-headed Cowbird can lay a lot more eggs each breeding season -- at other birds' expense.

    The Cornell Ornithology Web site has a neat photo of a Brown-headed Catbird egg in a warbler nest here.

Nature Talk Friday Night


Don't forget: Julie Della Torre, a professional storyteller, will present "Wisdom Tales From Nature" at the monthly Fyke Nature Assoc. meeting on Friday night.
    Della Torre  will introduce tales that feature the flora and fauna of the Celery Farm. The talk is free.
   More info:  Click here.