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Garlic Mustard Brigade -- plus recipes!!


Garlic mustard

   As you may have surmised, this week's Monday Morning Mystery was Garlic Mustard. 

    Garlic Mustard is an invasive and persistent weed that has been sprouting up over the years along the Celery Farm paths, and a lot of us have tried to remove it with mixed success.  And this weekend you'll have a chance to help us fight back.

   This year we are trying a team approach. We will meet at 2 p.m. on Saturday (May 2) at Green Way to pull and bag all the garlic mustard we see, being careful not to yank any beneficial plants. The whole process should take an hour or so, and you are allowed to bird while you bag.

    Don't forget the Garret walk on Saturday morning  -- just consider the afternoon garlic-mustard brigade a bonus.

   The key to Garlic Mustard eradication is to bag all the plants after pulling them out by their roots. Simply throwing the removed weed on the trail actually spreads the seeds by foot travel -- the seeds continue to grow after the weed has been pulled. Please do not remove garlic mustard unless you bag it.

   BYOG and C -- bring your own gloves and clippers (in case you want to do a little trimming).  We'll supply the trash bags.

    Rain date. Sunday, May 3, same time, same place.

   As an added bonus, Tom NiCastri, a friend of this blog, offers a link to some garlic Mustard recipes, here.

Rob Fanning Report 042709

Rob sez:
 A very early BLACKPOLL was hanging out at the Point/Warden's watch this morning. My first April record. My previous early date for the CF was 5/1 (twice) I later heard another near the B-fly garden (possibly 2 more) It was pretty bizarre listening to a Blackpoll and Nashville singing while a Siskin flew overhead!
 Another new early arrival was a singing CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER right at the Greenway entrance. My previous early CF date was 4/30.

Fred and Charley "Cuckoo" West heard a WOOD THRUSH. This is the 2nd earlist arrival date for the CF.

9 Warbler species in all--including BLUE-WINGED and my first NASHVILLE of the year. Warbling Vireos and Yellow Warblers have invaded and taken over the farm. A great morning to be out.