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Checklist Mania: John Workman's Amazing 2006

   Several weeks back, after we got wind that Fred Weber has set the all-time Celery Farm Big Year, we asked Fred and several other top birders to share their Celery Farm Big Year checklists with us, to form something of an on-line archive of these amazing documents.
  John Workman, having recently awakened from a winter's slumber, finally shared his 2006 Big Year list with us -- 172 species.
  John not only lists the birds he recorded, but he includes a drawing and a list of "almosts."

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My most-viewed Screech Owl Video Ever

     I don't use YouTube for my videos much, but I happened to see how my various videos have been doing.
   To my surprise, the above video has had more than 7,000 plays. It is one of the simplest videos I've done, just a duet last spring between Mr. and Mrs. Ace while she was sitting on the five eggs.
  To my way of thinking, "Screech Owl Jamboree" is still my "Citizen Kane." I laughed, I cried...