Stiles Thomas' 2006 Checklist -- and a huge controversy
First Wood Duck of the Year?

Trail Repair

Boardwalk tree down
  Remember those strong winds of last week? They knocked down a tall Ash tree in the Celery Farm and created a domino effect.
   Branches covered the boardwalk by the Dead Zone until Deputy Marsh Warden Mike Limatola (above, right) cut
them away and removed as many of them as he could.
   The good news is that the boardwalk was not damaged, and the path is passable again thaCleaned boardwalknks to Mike, with a minor assist from Seymour Drakes.
    At left is a shot of the cleared path (sorry for the black-and-white shot, new camera, wrong setting).
   If the trees' fall had not been blunted when they lodged in the crook of another tr
    Mike, by the way, can usually be seen on weekends walking the trails and keeping everything (and everyone) in order.
    Thanks, Mike!