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Stiles Thomas' 2006 Checklist -- and a huge controversy



We are lucky to have a digital copy of another Celery Farm Big Year -- this one is from 2006, and it totals 175 birds.
    The birder is the
marsh warden himself, Stiles Thomas. (click "Continue reading..." for the entire list.)
Stiles says that he is really embarassed and reluctant to point this out, but he couldn't help but notice that Fred Weber's recently posted record-setting list had not been properly notarized.
   Our hands are tied. We have no choice but to put an asterisk next to Fred's record. 

    That is really unfair, and I personally think it stinks to high heaven, but bylaws are bylaws.
Why have bylaws if they are not enforced uniformly?
   Sorry, Fred. Life can be so unfair. Stiles says no one feels worse about this than he does.