Screech Owl Basics: Rules 5, 6, 7 and 8
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Screech Owl Basics: Rules 9 and 10

This post is part of a continuing series of posts about EastOwl squareern Screech Owls -- and attracting one to your back yard. 

   Other owlers may suggest different advice. Theirs may be just as useful. One thing I have learned: No two screech owls are alike.   

   Here are Rules 9 and 10 of my Top 10 Rules for  attracting Screech Owls -- with big-time advice from David Johnson of the Global Owl Project. (Thanks, David!)   

    More info follows.

 Flashing   Rule Nine: Flashing should be placed around the base of the tree, about four feet up. If the nesting box is atop a pole, you should put a baffle on it.

   The flashing or baffle makes it more difficult for many predators, including house cats or raccoons, from getting to the box.  The flashing should be at least 24” in height. (I need to replace mine.)

   Do not think for a nano-second that this will stop squirrels. But more about squirrels in a future post.

  Rule Ten:  Remove any rocks from under the nesting box so that if you ever do get owlets, they have a softer place to land. The owlets typically jump in late May or early June (before they can fly).
  After jumping, they will climb up nearby leaning branches or other trees to reach a safe branch. 

   If you plan to have your own owl box, good luck, and e-mail this blog if you have questions or comments.