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IMG_0002   Fred Weber saw a Snow Goose at the Celery Farm early this morning (hence the not-so-hot photo by Seymour Drakes).

    Doug Morel saw a Snow Goose at CP yesterday.

   Fred now has 191 species on his Celery Farm list. Thanks to the Snow Goose, Seymour has broken double digits.
    Also seen: Hoodies, Gadwalls, Northern Shovelers.

   Thanks, guys!

NEW-BOOK UPDATE (Sorry about the self-promotion)


IMG_0603 "Birds of the Celery Farm" is  finally alighting on Dec. 16 or Dec. 17.

   To those who ordered a copy, Jerry Barrack and I apologize for the delays -- printing took way longer than we anticipated -- and we appreciate your patience.

   If you ordered a copy (copies), please e-mail me and let me know if and how you would like to have it (them) inscribed.

   I will be around the CF most of Sunday Dec. 21 if you would like to pick up (and pay for ) your book.
    We did order a few extra copies, available on a first-come basis. If you are interested, e-mail me.

   We did not expect this response but...

    * Rohsler's Nursery in Allendale asked Jerry and me to order a few dozen hard-covers with dust jackets, which they are selling for far less than the cost if you ordered online and had to pay shipping.  Rohsler's also sells the original Celery Farm book, "In the Presence of Nature."

    * What's more, Wild Birds Unlimited approached Jerry and me about ordering some copies, which will be available in time for a book signing Jerry and I are doing there on Saturday, Dec. 20, from 10 a.m. noon. Copies of most of our books will be available as well. Come on by and shoot the breeze with us -- we will be happy to talk Screech Owls, Red Foxes and a coot or two.

    * Wild Bird Emporium in Midland Park has signed copies of "In the Presence of Nature," "Icky the Hungry Heron," and "Swan Babies" on hand. It's a great place -- stop by if you have not already...

     In case you ordered "Birds of the Celery Farm" directly from us, be aware that Jerry and I are also selling Celery Farm calendars to benefit the Fyke Nature Association, the great group that takes care of this 107-acre natural wonder.
    Jerry and I also have all of our previous books available, including the last dozen or so copies of "Duck Enough To Fly" at $13 and a few remaining boxed sets of the Celery Farm trilogy of children's books.

   With one archival exception, all photos in all of the books were taken at the Celery Farm.


   Monday morning's mystery was what is hidden in plain sight in this recent photo. Tom Burr, a friend of this blog, got it exactly right.
   Way to go, Tom! I nearly walked past it without seeing it in real life.

    (Don't you love that snow on the ground? Seems like ages ago.)

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