My friend, photographer Jerry Barrack, has been working on a little gem of a book called "The Birds of the Celery Farm."
  His idea was to celebrate the smaller winged wonders that enrich our visits to the Celery Farm -- from kinglet
and hummingbirds to swallows and warblers.  No herons, ducks, geese, swans, IMG_0603bitterns or other traditional crowd-pleasers.

  Jerry asked if I would contribute some text to his labor of love, and after doing several projects with him, I was not about to say no.
  Now the book is done.
  The trouble is that we do not know how big a market exists for this sort of endeavor. Absent any better ideas, Jerry and I now plan to sell the book as a limited edition through an online publisher, Blurb, available in early December in time for holiday giving.
  The book, 7 by 7 inches square, 80 pages and chock full of color photography, is dedicated to Marsh Warden Stiles Thomas and his wife Lillian's late grandson Carlos Parnell Lopez, who died tragically last year.
  By ordering in decent quantity, we will be able to save 10 percent on costs and postage. Any savings would be passed on to you. Jerry and I are paying for our own copies and not making a penny on this.
  We are expecting a high-quality paperback version to sell for under $18, including shipping and handling.
  A hard-cover with dust jacket should sell for under $28, and a hard-cover with laminated front should sell for under $32. All books can be signed and inscribed as you like.
   E-mail me if you are interested in placing order or to ask a question or two.  I have prototypes of the book si f you would like to see one. We can figure out how...