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  A reminder: the Fyke Nature Association is holding "Ducks at Dusk" on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

   Meet at the Warden's Watch.

   Deputy Marsh Warden Mike Limatola will lead.

   My guess is dress warmly, head to toe...  And bring binoculars. 




The Times of London recently published an article on the five simple things to do each day to stay  sane.
   Although some may say that it's too late for me, I did take heart  (and take stock as well) in one of the five:
 "Be curious," The Times advises. "Noting the beauty of everyday moments as well as the unusual and reflecting on them helps you to appreciate what matters to you."
   "Noting the beauty of everyday moments ..."
   As soon as I read it, I thought immediately of the Celery Farm and all the magical moments that so many of us have experienced there.
   I think of all sorts of days -- cold and warm, rainy and dry -- and all times of days, from
Great Egrets soaring at sunrise to a full moon reflecting on Lake Appert after dusk.
   Do you have a favorite Celery Farm moment or memory you could share?  Digital photos are welcome as well.
  E-mail me...
   I'll post the best responses...

   Click here to read the Times story.



   Saw this Palm Warbler attacking some fading goldenrod in the Celery Farm a few days back.

   In typical warbler fashion, it was hopping all over the place, and bending the goldenrod like it was a baby birch, but I did get a few decent clicks.

   Palm Warblers have seemed particularly abundant this fall -- even if they seem a little drabber than in the spring.

   More on Palm warblers  here.  Click "Continue reading ..." below for more pix.

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Fell_house_a_2  My wife, Patty Finn, has a new blog devoted to saving the Fell House estate, that beautiful historic house and barn on the Franklin Turnpike just south of the Celery Farm parking lot.

   It is a work in progress but worth a look -- with an aerial photo showing how close to the CF the property is.
   The blog also links to documents about Revolutionary War Hero (and prisoner of war) John Fell.

     Here is the link.