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October 2008

CELERY FARM: Moments and Memories Part 1

   Last week I asked friends of this blog to send in their favorite memories, moments and images.

    Today I am going to pass along some thoughts by Sally Teschon, who writes:
      "I have been sharing the farm with young moms from our church in Wyckoff, who are now sharing it with their friends -- another generation for the farm.
      "It is very important to me to share it with children so they learn the importance of taking care of our world.
    "It is difficult to explain to someone how the farm is different each and every time you go there. The seasons, time of day, your mood... all make it different.
    "This I know: The farm makes a difference in my life, for good. It is like a friend who makes your life sweeter and brighter. 
     "Most of all, the Celery Farm brings me peace."


    Tomorrow: Deedee Burnside photography.
    Thursday: Sally Teschon shares some photos of the carved snakes and wonders what became of them.


OWL CONTEST: Pick the arrival date

  I heard a screech owl calling nearby Saturday at 4:45 a.m., but still no sign of an owl on the ScreechCam.
  Probably need colder weather, but you never know. So i am announcing another contest: By Friday e-mail me with the date when a screech owl will appear on the nest-box cam.
    Closest guess wins a copy of a soon-to-be-officially announced Celery Farm book.



    Stephanie sez: Yesterday John W. and I mostly hung around the Butterfly Garden/Fred's Circle area and watched birds from the path. Much of what is listed here was found in that area, but our flyover Bluebirds were seen near Barking Dog Corner.

   The Hooded Mergansers were seen on Phair's Pond - a nice surprise!    

   We saw a beautiful Fox Sparrow, which was also a highlight.

Here are some photos from the day:

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THE WINNERS: Monday Morning Mystery Caption

   A week ago, we had a caption contest, and we had some great entries.
   I particularly liked two:
   "Looks like a silver-throated blue bobble-head to me. The tawny crown and black chevron on his chest are classic field marks."  --Fran Duggan
   "This palisade peeper looks like the offspring from a pairing of the Scarecrow and Tin-man families." --Janet Terchek
    Congrats to the winners of "Icky the Hungry Heron," signed by at least one of the authors and (one of the copies) by the silver-throated bobblehead himself.

    Thanks to all who entered, and thanks to Chris Archer, who took it upon himself to pose for the photo!