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CELERY FARM: Moments and Memories Part 1

   Last week I asked friends of this blog to send in their favorite memories, moments and images.

    Today I am going to pass along some thoughts by Sally Teschon, who writes:
      "I have been sharing the farm with young moms from our church in Wyckoff, who are now sharing it with their friends -- another generation for the farm.
      "It is very important to me to share it with children so they learn the importance of taking care of our world.
    "It is difficult to explain to someone how the farm is different each and every time you go there. The seasons, time of day, your mood... all make it different.
    "This I know: The farm makes a difference in my life, for good. It is like a friend who makes your life sweeter and brighter. 
     "Most of all, the Celery Farm brings me peace."


    Tomorrow: Deedee Burnside photography.
    Thursday: Sally Teschon shares some photos of the carved snakes and wonders what became of them.