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October 2008

CELERY FARM: Moments and Memories Part 3

Snake 2

   Sally Teschon writes: "I miss the snakes."

   Sad to say, I had grown so used to looking at the marsh warden's wonderful whimsical carved snakes that I didn't realize that almost all of them had disappeared.

   I called the warden, who sometimes calls himself Joe King, and said the snakes were great but he has moved on. "I used to collect stamps, too."

  Say it ain't so, Joe. The snakes are the best.

  Click here for more of Sally's snake shots -- good thing Sally photographed many of them!

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SAVING THE FELL HOUSE: Helping wildlife, too

  My wife's blog has a new post with a photo of Redtail sitting atop a tall conifer at Fell House this morning.  The historic house is just down the street from the Celery Farm on the Franklin Turnpike.

   Most trees would be cut down if a developer demolishes the historic Fell House and builds townhouses, and other environmental loses would occur as well.
   See the post here.
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