BEYOND: Mount Peter Hawk Watch

BIRD ALERT: Rob Fanning's Dickcissel

Rob reports:
   This evening I found a Dickcissel at the Celery Farm near the Greenway entrance.
   I first saw the bird fly from right to left where it landed in the hedgerow for some nice looks. I lost it for a while but it was relocated about 20 minutes later (by several observers) this time on the right.
    The bird looked just like the adult female pictured in Sibley with a nice amount of yellow on the breast and face along w/ the reddish wing patch.
    This is my first ever sighting for the CF!--and is one of only a handful of records overall. I know of only one other definite "on the ground" record.
  (More on Dickcissels here.)
      Sept. 18 has been a special day at the CF before.       Previous birds on 9/18 were:
      2001-- CF's first Red-necked Phalarope (which lingered for 3 days)
      2002--CF's first and only Western Kingbird, along w/ my first CF Connecticut Warbler.
     Earlier in the evening I watched a PEREGRINE FALCON soaring low over Phair's Pond/Greenway--my first of the year at CF and only about my 4th or 5th sighting for CF.

Good Fall Birding!