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FYKE ARCHIVES: The 1st newsletter

Not a decade goes by that someone doesn't ask me or my friend Seymour Drakes when we are going to post early Fyke Nature Association newsletters.

    Fortunately, Marsh Warden Stiles Thomas has lent us a semi-complete set, which we are scanning slowly but surely.

     Click "Continue reading..." below to see Volume One, Issue 1. 

   Best part: On Page Two, "We Must Protect Our Hawks and Owls."

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BEYOND: Hawk Mountain native plant garden



   I have been working with photographer Kevin Watson on Hawk Mountain, a coffee-table bookButterfly_hm_2 to commemorate the sanctuary's 75th anniversary, and I have been heading over there fairly regularly.
   In the process, I have become addicted to the sanctuary's native plant garden, which is in its prime time each summer.
  It is abounding with frogs, turtles, dragonflies and damselflies, butterflies, beautiful flowers and -- though tough to photograph -- tranquility.

   More on Hawk Mountain here.

   More on the book and 2009 Hawk Mountain calendar here.



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