Monday morning mysteries
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Tuesday morning answers



Yesterday I posted three mystery photos -- and got some amazing responses from "Bioman," a longtime friend of this blog.
  Along with his   answers, he provided links in t
Img_2945_2he "Comments" section.
  His replies:
  The first photo (at right) is of
a columned stinkhorn mushroom.
  The second photo (below) appears to be of  a  dragonfly nymph -- and there  sure
Img_3758_2where a lot of dragonflies zipping around that pond.
   The final shot -- from my front lawn -- was slime mold. I took an updated photo on Monday morning (top of the post). That's what it looks like of late.
   The good news is that mold is not nearly as disgusting as its name.
   Thanks, Bioman!