OWLS: A screech owlet video
CELERY FARM: Monday morning mystery

OWLS: The long goodbye

Img_3197_2  It has been more than four weeks since the last owlet left the nesting box, but I can't help but look to the opening whenever I look out the window.
   So I felt fortunate last week to see one of the owlets briefly -- and luckier still to have my camera handy with a 400 millimeter lens attached.
   I am saddened by the thought I probably won't see him or his siblings again, but
heartened by the knowledge that this little guy is clearly doing well.
   I look forward to late fall, when another screech owl might move into the box and maybe -- just maybe -- another Family Screech will call the nesting box home.
   In the meantime, I will clean out the box (and post photos, for better or worse) and make a few adjustments to the box to discourage squirrels.
   I am also going to get back to work on a book about my screech owl neighbors, with a huge assist from friend and ace photographer Jerry Barrack, with whom I did the Celery Farm book and the Celery Farm trilogy of children's books.
   I will post details about this -- and other books by friends of this blog -- as they develop.