OWL: The Family Screech, Video 1
OWL: The Family Screech, Video 2

ROB FANNING: Bird Report 05/27

    Had some very nice looks at a singing male MOURNING WARBLER at the CF this morning. Location: main trail (both sides) past Pirie Platform but before the heavily wooded section (near the edge of BH Pond which is where I first heard it).
  In the same area there was a LINCOLN'S SPARROW, my first at CF this year. Always a treat to see one here in the spring.

  Also Heard 2 singing ALDER FLYCATCHERS. One in the same area, the other in the area before the butterfly garden.

   It was singing in a heavily leafed tree along the main path for a minute--before flying back into the field toward Greenway. This one I got a few distant looks at.

Location:     The Celery Farm
Observation date:     5/27/08
Number of species:     32

(* indicates my first at CF this year; (H) indicates heard.)

Canada Goose     X
Mallard     X
Great Blue Heron     1
Great Egret     1
Green Heron     2+
Mourning Dove     X
Ruby-throated Hummingbird     1
Eastern Wood-Pewee     1 (H)
Alder Flycatcher     2 (1 seen briefly/distantly)
Willow Flycatcher     X (H)
Eastern Kingbird     X
Warbling Vireo     X
Red-eyed Vireo     X (H)
American Crow     X
Tree Swallow     X
Barn Swallow     X
House Wren     X (H)
Veery     X (H)
American Robin     X
Gray Catbird     X
Cedar Waxwing     X (several)
Yellow Warbler     X (H)
American Redstart     1+ (Im. male seen)
Northern Waterthrush     1 (H--call note)
Mourning Warbler*     1 (singing male)
Common Yellowthroat     X (H)
Song Sparrow     X
Lincoln's Sparrow*     1
Northern Cardinal     X
Red-winged Blackbird     X
Common Grackle     X
Baltimore Oriole     X