ALLENDALE: Memorial Day Parade (video)
OWL: The Family Screech, Video 1




On Memorial Day, my buddy Jerry Barrack and I walked around the Celery Farm in hopes of getting a decent bird photo or two.

   Although someone had written in the bird log that they had seen a tri-color heron, I figured they must have been new to birding or hallucinating.
   Everywhere we went on the loop, we were taunted by the calls of Baltimore orioles. We could hear them plain as day, but we saw mostly green leaves wherever we
   The one fleeting glimpse we got was through branches and vines. Jerry likely got a good shot, but me? Zippo maximus.

   I went home.
   Two hours later I looked out the window and saw -- a Baltimore oriole.  I grabbed a camera and managed the image above, through the window.
   Go figure.