Yikes, garlic mustard!
OWL: Great horned owls!

Big announcement

   Greetings. I am writing to let you know that my blog will be in a period of transition for the next month or so.

   The Record has graciously sponsored this blog for the past 14 months, but as of next week, I am retiring from The Record. After a little time off, I am starting a job at the Meadowlands Commission, and I am going to  need to devote my time and effort to this new challenge.
   At some point soon, I hope to write a nature blog for the commission about all the wonderful natural attractions in that neck of the woods (and wetlands).
      Once I am settled in at my new job, I will devote more time to this blog and catch up on the owls and other critters.

   I hope to post until my last day, May 5  -- including a brand-new great horned owl video tomorrow -- and then play it by ear to see how much time it will take to get the new version of the blog up and running.

    I will likely have a new address for the blog, and the plan is for The Record to redirect people from my current blog address  to my new one.
   Just in case, if you would like to be informed of this new Web address, please e-mail me at celeryfarm(at)gmail.com. I will e-mail my new blog address to the regulars of this blog.
     I would like to thank everyone who has been a friend or follower of this blog and who put up with my idiosyncrasies and jottings.
     I would also like to thank Frank Scandale, the editor of The Record, for encouraging me to write a nature blog -- to the point of including "starting a blog" as a goal in my annual performance review 17 months ago.
     I have had a great time at The Record, and a great time writing this blog.

     I hope to see you at the Celery Farm.