CELERY FARM: Bird timetable
CELERY FARM: Calling all warblers

Warbler watching


I have a story on warblers on Page L-3 of The Record, with a great photo of a black-throated blue, taken by Jerry Barrack.

  Bottom line is the warblers should be arriving in numbers soon, although winds from north this weekend may slow them down.

  Among the best places to see them: Garret Mountain in West Paterson, along the Saddle River in the linear county park, along the Ramapo and the Palisades, and a place called the Celery Farm.

  The Record's EnviroWatch calendar every Friday on Page L-3 will be listing several warbler watching outings at Garret, the Celery Farm and elsewhere.

  For some reason, the story I wrote for today's paper is not on line yet, but an essay I wrote for The Record on warblers five years ago is still available here.