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RED FOXES: I think I goofed


Over the weekend, I staked out a red fox den a couple of times in hopes of seeing five young foxes. I kept what I thought was a decent distance, and  managed to get a short video and a few images of two or three of the youngsters -- both times I saw them was when I arrived, and that was it.
   When the marsh warden returned from Florida, I told him what had happened. He said that people should not hang out by the fox den, as foxes are easily stressed.
   I checked with a DEP contact this evening, and she concurred, and added that it was important that young foxes not get habituated to humans.
   I also checked with a naturalist friend, who also concurred -- and said that red foxes will secretly move their young if they are threatened.
   Bottom line: I hope I did not mess up the foxes. I was guilty of assuming that what I was doing was OK, instead of researching it first.  My apologies.
   I did a video of what I saw, but now it isn't nearly as enjoyable. I may post it someday, with a cautionary note, but not in the near future.