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CELERY FARM: First wave of warblers



After trying to photograph some warblers yesterday, I have newfound respect for photographers. The were a yellow-rump and a palm warbler by the Warden's watch -- the first good looks I had this year -- but they wouImg_0009ld not sit still for a picture.
   I like yellow-rumps and palms because they are among the easiest warblers to ID.
   The yellow rump has -- you guessed it.
   And the palm warbler has a twitchy rump.
   When the more exotic warblers arrive  over the next few weeks, I will probably be a tad annoyed when I see so many yellow rumps instead.
   But for now, they are harbingers of amazing little birds to come.

Thank you, Tisdalers


   You probably did not know this, but the world's largest Celery Farm fan club is located in Ramsey, New Jersey, at the Tisdale Elementary School.
   I spoke to two very enthusiastic assemblies, from kindergarten to Grade 3, and talked about the Celery Farm, Earth Day, and a certain screech owl family. 
   The Owl Family Jamboree video (there's a link in the upper right-hand corner of this blog) got its biggest reception ever. Must have been that Hunger Mountain Boys music.
   Judging from the older students' efforts in identifying some of the birds in the slide show, I'd say there are some Future Birders of America in the group.


CELERY FARM: Waiting for the wood ducks


  I look out at Lake Appert and see wood ducks paired off and house-hunting, but I have not seen any wood-duck activity at my wood-duck box.
  A check of the video cam inside reveals nothing new.
  It has been a year now since the nor-easter of 2007 flooded the Celery Farm and my backyard, and I have been half-expecting to see a female perched on top of the box any day now.
   I have heard that wood ducks tend to use the same box every year.
  We shall see.