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OWL: Naming Mrs. Ace

   Several friends of this blog have asked me to give  Mrs. Ace a name, or to hold a contest to that end.

   This being April Fool's Day, I say let the nominations begin.

   You may be chagrined to hear that one early bird has already come up with a great name: Winnie, the perfect description of her voice.

  Me, I am not big on naming wild critters.  "Ace" is short for the Latin word for owl, Asio. I named the male owl "Ace" because it is simpler than calling him the male screech owl in every post.

    I call his mate "Mrs. Ace" because she arrived on the scene later last spring, and I needed an easy way to  differentiate between the male and female, and get across that they were a pair.

   So fire away. If anybody has a better name than Winnie or Mrs. Ace, let's hear it! Nominations ends Friday.

    In the meantime, welcome to April. :-)