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CELERY FARM: Bird timetable



   For Celery Farm birders, one of the niftiest resources on the Web is Rob Fanning's Birds of the Celery Farm  with Arrival Dates for the past 10 years.
   What a huge amount of work -- and what an amazing resource.
   Quick example: I have been complaining that I haven't seen or heard any Baltimore orioles yet this year, and wondering why they are late.
   Wrong, Owl Boy.
   Turns out that the Baltimore oriole has arrived before April 23 only once in the past 10 years. It arrived on April 16 in 2002.
   It also turns out that it arrived on April 23 (today) two times -- last year and in 2001.
   The list is on the Fyke Nature Association Web site, but not necessarily easy to find. Click on the hypertext link above or below, and it'll be the second item on the page.
   I imagine the list is handy for anyone who goes birding in North Jersey and wants approximate arrival dayes for various species.

  Great job, Rob. Thank you.

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