Salamander evening w/video
Owl: Five eggs! (w/video)

OWL: The story thus far

    If you are new to this blog, welcome. If you are an old friend, welcome once more.
   Mrs. Ace, a screech owl, has been sitting on five eggs for a few weeks ...

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    The Record's Friday EnviroWatch section recently published my story about the blog and the family of Eastern screech owls that lives beyond my backyard in Allendale's wonderful 107-acre Celery Farm Natural Area.
   A video called "Owl Family Jamboree"  will give newcomers an idea of the amazing goings-on with the owl family last spring.
   (A Spanish-language version of the video is available in the upper right column of this blog.)

   Last spring, Mrs. Ace laid four eggs, all of which hatched, grew big in a hurry and, after a month, left  home for good. 

   Here are the archives of the major owl posts from last spring.    This spring we are hoping for similar results but do not want to count owlets before they hatch (which would be in late April if we were counting -- but we are not).

   If you scroll down the blog, you'll  see some YouTube videos I posted this breeding season, as well as  other posts about the owls and other local (mostly Celery Farm) nature subjects.

   Just FYI: This blog as a celebration of nature and its many wonders. You will not read of air pollution, toxic waste, leaky landfills or other environmental betrayals here.

  This blog is about showing a multitude of reasons why nature -- and protecting the environment -- matters (especially here in bulldozer-happy North Jersey).

  I hope you will enjoy the ride.