OWL: The story thus far
OWL: Feeding time (video)

Owl: Five eggs! (w/video)

   Here's what happened. After dark, Mrs. Ace started calling from inside the nest box, and Ace replied from nearby.

   If you listen closely, you can hear them call back and forth.

   Mrs. Ace climbed to the opening to call to Ace, and five eggs were on view.

   I have edited the video to keep it a little over a minute. After about two minutes, Mrs. Ace flew, leaving the five eggs behind.   

   Click "Continue reading" to see a photo of the five eggs, and more.



   Mrs. Ace returned after about 40 minutes, and Ace later stopped by with a morsel for her, which makes me think she is starting to incubate.

   I have read that screech have anywhere from 2 to 8 eggs, with 3 or being typical. Last spring Mrs. Ace had four.

  Are five eggs good or bad?

  More later.