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The old but great blue heron



The great blue heron who hangs out near the point is increasingly unafraid of people -- though I think it's not because he is getting tame but because he is old.
   One could argue that he did not head south this winter because he just wasn't up to the trip anymore, although I have seen herons over-winter here before.
  Heron3a At any rate, this poor guy looks like his batteries are low these days-- he did not even fly when a skater brought two labrador retrievers to the point last week (the guy left as soon as he learned that dogs are not allowed).
  These days, the old blue looks like one of Washington's troops at Valley Forge, huddled in the rotten weather.
  He is on the edge of the ice at the spillway, and does not move even when humans are just feet away.
    When I saw him there, I thought I'd take a picture of his feet. Ordinarily, I'd never be able to get this close.
    I am hoping that I am wrong in my guess about the heron's health. I only know what I see, and eyes can deceive.