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Poem information


For a copy of Patricia Cooper's poem (in Word word-processng format), click below.

Download layers_of_memories.doc

   For a paper copy, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

   Jim Wright
   Birds, Bats and Beyond
   The Record
   150 River Street
   Hackensack, NJ 07601

   With Patricia Cooper's permission, I passed along the poem with The Town Journal. This week's The Town Journal has an intererview with Patricia, by Matt Jackson.

  I will be posting some of Patricia Cooper's archival photos  in the near future, plus -- when time allows -- a nifty surprise.
   I am also trying to get a digital version of Matt Jackson's interview with Patricia Cooper.

The eclipse



    The weather cooperated last night for the big lunar eclipse, and it was one astronomical event that lived up to its billing.

    It was easy to find, easy to see, and fairly short and sweet.

  All you needed was some warm clothes, a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope.

   I took this photo, but it didn't really do justice to the event -- you really had to be there.

   The natural world is amazing, whether it's in your own backyard or as far away as the Moon and stars.   

VIDEOS: The Big Three

   Click here Img_8590for Celery Farm Memories, a three-minute video about the past and present of this wonderful place in Allendale, New Jersey with wonderful archival and present-day photography and a great soundtrack.

Click here for the link to the Baby Owl Video, featuring  four adorable baby screech owls, their amazing parents, A1 a nest-cam, and a rousing bluegrass soundtrack. 

   Clickear aquí para ver el Video de las Lechucitas. Cuatro adorables lechucitas, sus increíbles padres, una cámara-nido y una vibrante banda de sonido bluegrass.

COMING TOMORROW: Celery Farm poem

    Patricia Cooper, who grew up on the Bajor celery farm (her mother, Stella,  was a Bajor), has written a beautiful poem about the Celery Farm, past and present.

  The farm used to be where the Fox Run condominiums now stand.

 I am going to post the poem on my blog tomorrow, and a print version will appear in The Town Journal, the local weekly.

(Click "Continue reading ...." to read more.)

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CELERY FARM: First frog of the year



My wife and I walked around a very muddy Celery Farm yesterday, and  the warm weather made it feel more like late March.
   One treat was this frog, seen by the bridge to Phair's Pond.
   It looks as though this guy does not have webbed feet. As my wife commented, they look more like chicken feet.
   Any thoughts?