OWL: Duck box is an icebox

OWL: Nest-box makeover



My wife and I have not seen hide nor hair of Ace the Screech Owl in a month, and he should be back in the box in time for the romance season, in March.
    I was not happy with the wood chips that I had decorated his nest box with -- they seemed too large and seemingly uncomfortable, and a squirrel had been in there rooting around besides.
    So I did what any landlord would do to when his apartment has been vacant for over a month -- I cleaned up the place....
    And it might just work!

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    Yesterday I cleaned out some of the bigger wood chips, flattened out the others, and added some wood shavings that are typically used to line hamster cages.

    Today when I activated the owl-box video monitor, I found this wonderful dead mole (below).

     It does not mean that Ace is moving back in, but it does mean:

     1. He's alive and well.

     2. He's aware of the nesting box (and my redecorating efforts).

     3. He'll be back again (to get his meal, at the very least).

    4. I can't say I have not seen "hide nor hair" of Ace anymore.

     So I am keeping my fingers crossed.