OWL: Nest-box makeover
CELERY FARM: Gull darn mystery

OWL: Duck box is an icebox


   I spent 15 minutes putting up new twine and a "no trespassing" sign on the periphery of the owl box yesterday.
   While I was marking the perimeter, I thought I would check the wood duck box near the owl box -
- and found the dead bird (above) inside.
   He wasn't there Sunday,
when I found this owl pellet. 
   I have placed a quarter  Pelletquarter by the pellet so you get a sense of size. The owl did not cough up the quarter, in case you were wondering.

    And yes, that is a pellet.

    My guess is Ace is storing food there during the winter, then moving it as needed. Sort of a "cache and carry" situation.