CELERY FARM: Snow tour

Measuring snow



The Record picked a good day to run my story on a new volunteer group that measures snow and rain for the region.
    To join this precipitation-measuring group, you need to learn how to measure rain and snow and hail accurately, and you'll probably need to buy a fancy $22 rain gauge (pictured on right above).

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network

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New Jersey Weather Central

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It looks like a great learning situation for any science class that is studying the weather for much of the year.
    It does require a year commitment; about half of those who sign up actually stay with it for that long.
  The bad news is that on days like today, it's probably a bit of work. On most days, when there is no precip, it is a breeze.
    The group's slogan is "Because every drop counts."
    Read the story for some of the reasons why this group is such a great idea.