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Great blue on ice (w/Youtube video)

OWL: Ace makes brief return

Ace_in_place   Ace the screech owl made a one-day return over the weekend. My wife and I got back from a brief trip on Saturday afternoon, and the first thing I saw when I looked out the window was Ace's head in the back of the opening.
   I did not try to take any photos of him at the opening.
   I figured he was just too skittish.
   He did not return on Sunday morning or today, but at least I know is still around, safe and sound.
   On Sunday, I put up some nylon twine around the perimeter of the nesting area in hopes of keeping people away.
   Right now is peak ice skating time at the Celery Farm, and there all sorts of people walking around, unsure of where they are going. Better to steer them away from Ace's area, even if Ace is not around.
   I think Ace will be back for breeding season in March.