Pesticides and gypsy moths
Ace returns (w/short video)

Meadowlands bird study


   I have a story in today's Record about bird populations in the Meadowlands, with a surprise or two.

    More than 60 percent of the state's endangered or threatened bird species are in the Meadowlands at some point during the year -- a reminder of how valuable these essentially urban wetlands are.

  Amazing area, to say the least. Saw more than 100 canvasbacks there yesterday, and a few typically skittish hooded mergansers -- plus two long-eared owls.

   The long-eared owls, alas, were unphotographable.

    The Meadowlands Commission commissioned the NJ Audubon study so that they have baseline data for marsh restoration. The idea is to restore marshes in a way that will increase bird diversity and populations.

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