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Kest fest


Kestair My wife and I visited Hawk Mountain again this weekend and were fortunate to see a pileated woodpecker (but he was impossible to photograph.
  We also saw three kestrels, which I was lucky enough to photograph.
   The falcon on the right was sitting on a telephone wire as we drive by.
    I stopped the car and caught this shot of him flying away.
Kestfemjpg_2thing I learned is that kestrels are very skittish.
   You can  photograph them from the car, but it is a terrible idea to get out of the car and photograph them, because they will fly away.
   More on kestrels here.
   As we headed down the road a piece, I stopped by some farmland where I know from experience t hat kestrels hang out.
   I was quite pleased to see a male and female perched not far from each other.
   You really need a long lens for these birds, but I don't have one, so I did the best I could.