Celery Farm Sunday
Kicking off the new year

New Year's Eve question


  Thought this would be a wise way to end 2007.

  It has been quite a year, what with the Ace family of screech owl and the wood duck babies all just beyond the backyard.  Plus the 250th species recorded at the Celery Farm.

   Here's a question for you. The official 250th bird  was the clay-colored sparrow in late September of 2007.

   What was the first bird on the Celery Farm list, and when was it recorded? 

   The answer appears on the "jump" to this post -- click on Continue reading "New Year's Eve question" below.

   Tomorrow, predictions on what the next new bird will be.

   The first recorded bird on the official Celery Farm list was a little green heron, as the species was then called. The year was 1952, and the birders included Stiles Thomas and his daughter Georgie "Just spell my name right" Thomas.