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Celery Farm Sunday


   I  had the Celery Farm to myself on my Sunday morning walk, or to be more accurate, I shared it with some raptors and smaller winged critters.
   It was colder on Saturday than I had expected, and there was a nice frosting on many of the branches. The ground had not yet turned muddy, always a plus.
   An odd highlight -- a vulture could be seen this a.m. perched near the lookout at Pink Potty Bridge. I thought it was a black vulture but now I detect a hint of red in the face -- making it a turkey vulture.
  I also got a shot of a redtail as it took wing, and a bunch of other shots that reminded me why the Celery Farm is beautuful in winter, even without much snow.

  The final shot is of fallen leaves on the edge of Lake Appert, under clear ice.

   Here's the gallery, a little celebration of the CF as we close 2007.

Cfpath_2                                                                                                                          Cfpath3