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Bobwhite update

What to do with stray domesticated birds?


  I did not see the bobwhite at the Celery Farm this morning, but a friend of this blog raised an interesting question in a comment on the earlier post about this domesticated gamebird, who found its way to the Celery Farm. 

   Here is the post:   


   And here is the comment:

    "It seems to me that Nature's course has not been followed up to this point as this is most likely a farm raised bird,perhaps for hunting. I wonder if the Bergen County Zoo could find a place for Bob in its aviary and if he'd be happy there. The thought of putting him in a cage doesn't thrill me either. Perhaps a Fyke member or one of your many other readers will have a better suggestion."

   I guess the question is whether there's alternative to total freedom (and likely death at the talons or claws of a predator) or bird jail in a zoo.

  Is there a game farm that would take a bobwhite or other domesticated bird that has been released?

  And who would make the arrangements, catch the bird, and take it there?

  Ideas are most welcome.