Bobwhite update
Celery Farm's 250th bird

The rainbow refuge


  Late yesterday afternoon, a light rain was falling in Allendale,  and I needed to chill for a few minutes.

   So I grabbed my point-and-shoot digital camera and went out to the point, hoping to catch an egret, maybe, or a green-wing teal.

   Instead, greeting me as a I surveyed the horizon, was a beautiful rainbow. In fact, when I looked more closely, there were two rainbows.

  In the photo above, if you look closely, you should be able to see the second rainbow.

  As I stood there, slightly awed by the whole thing, a couple I had never met before arrived at the stand.

  I pointed out the double rainbow, and the couple replied: "We get them all the time in Britain. Very damp over there, you know."

  They didn't mean to rain on my rainbow. I guess everything is a matter of perspective.

   If you've traveled to anywhere that has some wide open spaces, the Celery Farm is by comparison a mere vestpocket park.

   But for my wife and me -- and a lot of people we know -- it will always be the pot of gold at rainbow's end.