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September 2007

Full moon


    Here's the full moon from Wednesday night.

  Moonrise tonight (Thursday) is listed at 7:02 p.m. at this handy site:

  Although Wednesday night is listed as the full moon, it is actually fuller (by .3 percent) tonight.

   Go figure.


Owl Show Friday Night


   Don't forget:  Jerry Barrack and I are debuting our screech owl show at the Fyke Nature Association show Friday night at the Wyckoff Library at 8 p.m.

   Yes, it's open to the public. Yes, it's free. And yes, there'll be some owlet shots far niftier than the one above.

   Don't miss it.

  Here's the link to the earlier writeup and directions info:

  Questions: E-mail me at

Meet Mr. White



  Ace birder John Workman found this bird at the Celery Farm on Sunday.

   A male Bobwhite is still at the CF as of Wednesday morning.

   It is tame as ever, frequenting the path between the butterfly garden and the Troop 59 Lookout! at the north end of Lake Appert.

   He is apparently a release, or an escapee. I am told that hunters raise them to train their dogs.

   How tame is he? when I met him, he said, "Please, call me Bob."

   As you may already know, the females are robertawhites.

   A few other shots:





Mystery pod

    There are some real nuts out there these days -- beginning with the acorns directly below.

   I have also included images of other nuts and pods I have found of late. 

    The last image in the bunch is a mystery. My wife and I found it next to a running path in the woods in Ramsey.

   Try to guess what these things are. For the answer, run your cursor over the image and a name should appear.

   (I only know the fourth one because we just had one planted in our front yard. And yes, it is native.)

   Please let me know what that last pod thing is if you have a good idea.






Funnel web




    Amazing what you notice when you pay attention to your surroundings.

   I've walked past this spot on my way to the Celery Farm, but was always looking up, or down, or ahead.

   So I never noticed this spider web. I'm used to seeing the beautiful two-dimensional webs.

   This one is an elaborate funnel web, and the "funnel" goes to an opening in a tree, where the spider lives.

  I did not see the spider itself. She may have moved on or she may have been sleeping inside the tree.

  Any spider experts out there who can help out?

  I found this in the Web: