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More on the 250th bird

Celery Farm's 250th bird



  I think it's official.

   A clay-colored sparrow was seen this morning not far from the Butterfly Garden at the Celery Farm, and photographed extensively. (I think it may still be there.)

   For toppers, the three people who saw the little guy are the the three members of the official count committee.

   This bird is most likely the not 250th species of bird seen at the Celery Farm.

   Other birds have been seen recently, but a tad too far away with too little documentation to be deemed "official."

   Here's a photo of the committee looking at the bird, several more views of the bird, plus birders looking for the little guy.

   To those who in all likelihood saw a new species at the Celery Farm recently, all I can say is: Congratulations, everyone.

   Great birding.




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