What to do with stray domesticated birds?
The rainbow refuge

Bobwhite update

    No sign of the bobwhite this morning -- that I know of. If anybody sees the little guy, let me know.

   I am working on a story for The Record that should run in a Friday or two on what the experts suggest in situations like this. I know that the standard advice is to let nature take its course.

    But in this case, "nature" involves a red-shouldered hawk, photographed two days ago. Rsh1Many mornings, the red-shouldered hawks commutes between snags at opposite ends of Parnell's Path. 

   The bobwhite has been seen ....

   ... on Parnell's path.

   A little about the red-shouldered:


Note that the "Bob White" is listed on his menu.

  Let's hope we see the bobwhite this weekend. If I do, I'll keep you posted.