Deer velvet -- who knew?
Oops, they did it again

Twine time -- squirrel update


The story thus far:

   Mrs. Squirrel moved into the box in mid-June, and had her babies on July 21, making the squirrel babies  four and a half weeks old now.

   The babies stay in the nest for roughly 10 to 11 weeks, I have read, so they should be leaving in late September, in plenty of time for owl season.

   Unless, of course, Mrs. Squirrel moves them for some reason or another.

   As far as I can tell from the squirrel cam, the babies are still blind and pretty hairless.

   Mom either is feeding the babies, sleeping, or outside the box.

  The babies are either feeding or curled together.

  Twine  I noticed over the weekend that Mrs. Squirrel was bring bits of twine into the box.

   I noticed this morning that the twine has been separated into strands, which now cover the babies.

   Concealed_squirks I think the twine is for concealment and insulation. The babies are under that tangle.

   Resourceful, that mother squirrel.